Green Responsibility Network

Green Responsibility Network
12 October 2023 admin_KE

“KEEEN Biotech Group CO., Ltd. received the Silver Award – Business Partner Award 2023 at the Thailand Supply Chain Network event on Saturday, October 7th, held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center by Thai Bev Group to honor business partners who have demonstrated excellent performance in product quality, pricing, delivery, service, innovation, and sustainability.

Dr. Watsan Ariyaphuttarat, The Founder and CEO of KEEEN Biotech Group Co., Ltd. stated that “Seizing this opportunity is a clear proof of our commitment to KEEEN’s vision. We have always emphasized that we are a Green Solution with green innovations to solve problems from the source for our important customers and business partners. We are one of the key stakeholders in expanding environmental responsibility networks. This is not just about publicity but TAKE ACTION, DO IT until it becomes a policy. We recognize the value of collaboration between manufacturers, service providers, and partners to deliver something good not only for our customers but also for society and the environment.”

“This shared mission in driving sustainable organizations demonstrates true responsibility towards both society and the environment. And this mission is not just a trend but being opportunity for new-age businesses.”

KEEEN Biotech Group CO., Ltd. would like to express gratitude for this prestigious award. The company will continue to focus on maintaining standards and developing products and services that contribute to sustainable environments, enabling our business partners and customers to strive towards improved ESG (Environmental Social Governance) practices.”

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