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Product Information:

Cleaning products use only in the livestock

Sizing and Packaging:

20 Liter

Product Information:

KF103 NEUTRAL DETERGENT is a cleaning product. used for surfaces, walls, materials, machines, feed industry, abattoir, and animal products processing plants.


Diluted KF103 NEUTRAL DETERGENT with water in a ratio of 1:20 – 1:100 spraying, foaming or pouring over the area to be cleaned and then scrubbed. Thoroughly and then rinse with potable water.

Storage and Caution

1. Do not eat.
2. Be careful not to get in your eyes, skin contact or inhaled.
3. For sensitive skin person should wear rubber gloves while using.
4. Do not throw away the waste product or container into rivers, ditches, public water sources.
5. Keep out of reach of children. Store separately from food in dry and cool place.

Document Download

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  • Halal_66-67_EN_All_ต่ออายุ (KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP).pdf Download
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  • FDA_ใบแจ้งข้อเท็จจริง_KF103 NEUTRAL DETERGENT (KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP) Download
  • DLD_ใบแจ้งข้อเท็จจริง_KF103 NEUTRAL DETERGENT (KEEEN BIOTECH GROUP).pdf Download
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