Scale Remover

Scale Remover
4 July 2023 admin_KEEEN

K201 Scale Remover


Product Information:
Scale Remover
Multi-purpose liquid cleaner effectively removes hard water deposits and lime scale on dishwashing machine, pot, kettle, and other stainless-steel surfaces such as sinks, refrigerator, ice machine, preparation table and bathroom area.

For dish machines cleaning (Always wear rubber gloves)
Fill water tank 2-3 inches below overflow level. Add 2 liters of K201 SCALE REMOVER and run machine for 1-2 minutes until lime scale disappears. Spray K201 SCALE REMOVER concentrates directly on the surfaces where scale is left over. Scrape off heavy lime buildup. Drain tank. Refill with fresh water. Run machine for 5 minutes and drain. Delime as necessary to prevent recurring scale.For pot and kettle cleaning (Always wear rubber gloves)
1. Dilute K201 SCALE REMOVER 50 mL with 1 liter of water, boil the solution in the pot or kettle for 15-30 minutes depending on the thickness of scale and deposits.
2. Scrub with sponge and rinse off with water.For general cleaning (Always wear rubber gloves)
Spray K201 SCALE REMOVER concentrates on the surface. Scrub with sponge. Rinse with water or wipe off with damp wet cloth.

Sizing and Packaging
250 ml , 1 Liter , 5 Liter , 20 Liter

Storage and Caution

Keep out of reach of children. Store separately from food in dry and cool place.

Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing mist. Use with adequate ventilation. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment- rubber gloves. Wash thoroughly after handling.

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