Parts Cleaner

Parts Cleaner
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Parts Cleaner


Product Information:
Parts Cleaner
– It is a kind of advance bio cleaner called Bioremediation agent (Bio Organic) comprising of synergistic blend of selected non-pathogenic microbes* with non-toxic formulation of biological activators, which digest hydrocarbon, oil and organic molecule.
– Neutral pH, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-flammable
– Degreasing oil on any parts, engines or metal surfaces, oil tanks, etc.
– Compatible with spray, immersion and ultrasonic parts washers
– Reduce BOD/COD/SS/FOG of wastewater prior to release into public wastewater system
* Microbial count 1 million cell/ml (cfu/ml)

Benzene, Gasoline, Cutting Fluids, Fuel Oils, Jet fuel, Lubricating Oil, Glycols, Diesel, Hydraulic Oil, Skydrol, Grease Motor Oil

Apply 1:20 KEEEN with a dispenser and water for the total surface coverage of the spill or general cleaning.

Sizing and Packaging
250 ml , 1 Liter , 5 Liter , 20 Liter

Storage and Caution

Keep it in its original container with the seal attached. Close the lid tightly after use.

KEEEN (Bio Organic) are non-toxic products, however KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with the eyes. Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid breathing mist. It may irritate the eyes or respiratory system. Use with adequate ventilation.

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