Dish, Pot & Pan Cleaner

Dish, Pot & Pan Cleaner
4 July 2023 admin_KEEEN

Product Information:

Dish, Pot & Pan Cleaner

Sizing and Packaging:

250 ml , 1 Liter , 5 Liter , 20 Liter

Product Information:

Dish, Pot & Pan Cleaner
Liquid cleaner with powerful blends of environmentally preferable mild surfactants from plant extracts, designed to remove fat and grease dirt on ware such as cups, glasses, dishes, bowls, utensils and other food processing equipment.


For cleaning glass, dish, and kitchen utensils
Dispense K103 DISH, POT & PAN CLEANER from the dispenser or dilute with water (1:20 dilution). Then rinse with clean water.For cleaning pot and pan or heavy grease
Dilute K103 DISH, POT & PAN CLEANER with water (1:10 dilution). Wash thoroughly on surfaces with clean clothes or sponges and rinse with clean water.

Storage and Caution

Keep out of reach of children. Store separately from food in dry and cool place.

Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid breathing mist. Use with adequate ventilation. Wear appropriate PPE when apply the product. Wash hand thoroughly after handling.

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